Claremont is about people having opportunities to shine and live happier, healthier and connected lives. Claremont is all about people mattering.

Claremont provides a spectrum of services aimed at personal and community development. In addition to activities relating to the arts, physical health, and learning, we also offer low cost  one-to-one psychotherapy and one-to-one art psychotherapy. These services are carefully designed and delivered based on research evidence relating to what kinds of things have the most positive impact on well-being (physical and psychological well-being/health).

Many of our services are aimed at people aged 55 and older, who can become members of Claremont. There is a regular weekly programme of over 34 activities, ranging from art, music, literature, and fitness, to a huge variety of dance. In addition to this regular programme, we have free concerts, dance and music events showcasing different cultures, fairs, parties, short courses (from clowning to portrait photography), and much more. There are also areas to just sit, have a tea or coffee, read the papers and chat with other members. Membership is free and class cost varies from free to £4, with most being just £1.50.

Claremont is a founding member of the Flourishing Lives Coalition, which places significance on the way in which services are delivered and not simply on providing services. The Coalition bases its approach on an extensive research base from the fields of neuroscience, public health, physiology, and social psychology which all show the enormous value of social connectedness – of friendship. We all need to feel that we matter.

To read more about our approach, please see the section on this web site about Mattering (our relational approach to services) and the Flourishing Lives Coalition.