International Women’s Day


This year Claremont celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting a whole week of events, trips, discussions and activities! This year’s International Women’s Day theme was ‘Pair for Parity’, focusing on striving for further gender equality worldwide. At Claremont we began our week of events with an IWD activity day, with crafts, quizzes and card-making for important women in our lives. The week continued with a trip and guided tour around the Saatchi gallery’s all female-artist exhibition, Champagne Life. At the end of the week, on a Friday afternoon, we enjoyed a ‘Pair for Parity’ panel discussion chaired by Karis (who was doing her internship at Claremont) with Victoria Showunmi (UCL), Monsura Mahmud (Solace Women’s Aid) and Bula Chakravarty-Agbo (South London Women’s Artists). The discussion generated a great forum to discuss and challenge gender roles, as well as highlighting the many successes and achievements of women! We also hosted an interesting seminar run by our centre and clinical manager at Claremont Project, Dr Claire Marshall. Claire opened by emphasising the importance of distinguishing between sex and gender; relating sex with our physical appearance and gender with an idea created by society. We then heard touching stories from: Sylvia Dolan, Cecilia Abdeen, Joan Ball, Heather Ottway, Lori Keifer and Isabelle Matthews. They shared their fascinating experiences, covering a range of topics including; love, domestic violence, sexual discrimination and career development. It was a heartfelt afternoon of honest sharing. It also highlighted how society has changed, and how much more still needs to improve on issues of gender equality. It was a truly fantastic week of events—thank you to everyone who participated.


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