April 2016:

At 2 o’clock on a Friday afternoon, we had a full house and the room was buzzing with excitement for the Claremont Singers Spring concert! The tremendous amount of support for the singers was marvellous to see.

One song in particular really resonated: ‘What the world needs now is love’. It highlighted that we are all connected: by friendship, celebration, and through mattering to each other. In the current climate of conflict and struggle, it does feel that the world desperately needs more love. Special shared moments like the Claremont Singers Friday concert are ones we can cherish and feel proud to be a part of.

  • Music makes the heart grow fonder…

  • If music be the food of love…

  • Singing is great for the heart and lungs

  • Even better is doing it together!

Although there’s a bit of a waiting list to join the Claremont Singers, how about trying one of our other singing groups?

At the moment we have two:

  • Music, Songs, and Memories, which is a mix of solo (only if you want to) and sing-along to your favourite songs from all decades (see the photo below)
  • The Gospel Choir, which is pretty much what you’d expect a gospel choir to be like!

Click our Calendar to see what’s running and when. Hope to see you there!