Claremont Closed for Bank Holiday

Please note that we do our best to keep this calendar up-to-date but with so much going on at Claremont, we occasionally drop the ball. It’s unlikely for example that we’ll be quick enough to change the timetable if a tutor cancels at short notice. If you want to be certain about a class running, please call us! Tel: 020 7837 3402. Please also note that tickets bought online for our classes are non-refundable, for that day/class class only, and cannot be used for a different day or carried forward to another class!

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Claremont Closed for Bank Holiday

August 28, 2023 - 10:00 am

About the event

On Monday, the 28th of August 2023, the Claremont Building will be closed as it is a Bank Holiday.

Please note, all classes on the 28th of August, will be cancelled.


The Claremont and all of our activities will return on Tuesday, the 29th of August 2023.

We hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.