Please note that we do our best to keep this calendar up-to-date but with so much going on at Claremont, we occasionally drop the ball. It’s unlikely for example that we’ll be quick enough to change the timetable if a tutor cancels at short notice. If you want to be certain about a class running and in which hall, please call us! Tel: 020 7837 3402

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042Therapist: Kristina Page

Things to bring with you: Everything is provided.

Class Summary: This class is run by a professional Art Therapist. During the sessions, the process of creating art is used as a platform to discuss your work and connections that arise from it, such as particular emotions or memories which may be reflected through your art work. This class has a strong therapeutic focus and is particularly recommended for people who find it more difficult to talk about how they feel.  Classes are kept small (6-10 members) in order to maintain the intimacy of the group. This group is confidential. Please contact the Claremont office if you are interested in participating in this or another Art Therapy group.