In this section you’ll find lots of governance information, from formal accounts to outcomes data reports.

Claremont is a registered company limited by guarantee (No. 03453945) and is a charity registered with the Charity Commission and HMRC (No.1070611). The organisation is governed by a Board of Trustees, the members of which are also Directors. The organisation is informed by a Users’ Committee which meets monthly and is directed on a day-to-day basis by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Most of our work takes place at a large building in the heart of Angel, Islington (24-27 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD).



We are represented in legal matters by the firm of Macfarlanes.


Accounting & Financial Year Accounts

We work with Goldwins, who are award-winning charity accountants and auditors. Prior to Goldwins we were with HW Fisher. Here are pdf’s of past year accounts:

Claremont Accounts 2008
Claremont Accounts 2009
Claremont Accounts 2010
Claremont Accounts 2011
Claremont Accounts 2012
Claremont Accounts 2013
Claremont Accounts 2014

Claremont Accounts 2015



We are very interested in trying to measure the value and success of what we do. We want to know what we’ve done, why we’ve done it and what the outcomes of that work have been. We have been conducting sophisticated detailed surveys of our members and clients since 2002. In particular, we introduced two standard measures: the CORE system (Clinical Outcomes in Rouine Evaluation) and a subjective questionnaire on quality of life and well-being, which was replaced some time ago with the Ryff Scales of Psychological Well-Being. We are currently completing a paper on the Ryff results so far but it is clear already that people coming to us are scoring under national averages for their age range and scoring above those averages six months into their active membership with us.

CORE Data Outcomes through February 2010
Ryff results
Quality Survey results Jan/Feb 2011 (ppt presentation)
Quality Survey Results Jan/Feb 2011 (graphs)
Quality Survey Results Jan/Feb 2011 (comments)
Quality Survey Results Jan/Feb 2012 (ppt presentation – complete)
Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well Being Score Data and CORE Data Outcomes 2012
Outputs and Outcomes 2013 (including WEMWBS and CORE data through April 2013)
Quality Survey Results Feb/March 2013
Quality Survey Results 2014
Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well Being Results 2014
Members’ Comments 2014
Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well Being Scale Results 2015

Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well Being Scale Results, CORE Results and Comments 2016


We use for our surveys and are very grateful for their generosity in providing free services for us.


Complaints Procedure

The following is our complaints procedure for users of our services: Complaints Procedure


Privacy Policy

Our web site privacy policy can be found here.


Environmental Policy & Annual Audit Results

We take resonsibility for the environmental consequences of our activities and have made, and continue to make, changes to our operations to minimise our carbon footprint. Our Environmental Policy is posted below and was last reviewed in July 2017.

Claremont’s Environmental Policy


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