Halls and Meeting Rooms for Hire

Claremont has three large halls that are used by a wide range of groups organizinga variety of classes, workshops, performances, rehearsals or meetings.  We generally only take community oriented bookings and we make bookings on a sessional basis, although ad hoc bookings can be made by other charities and community groups. We are sorry but we do not accept bookings for receptions or parties.

Current hall hirers include: Tiger Crane Kung Fu, Lips Choir, Oxford College of Arts and Therapies, and Woodberry Bridge Club.

We have a large number of enquiries every day and although we would dearly like to answer all of them quickly, we are simply unable to do so. We would be grateful therefore if you would follow the steps below before contacting us.

Step 1: Check the availability

Please click below to view our current bookings and availability of our spaces. The first link below will show you the availability of our halls and the second link will show you the availability of our rooms.

Halls Availability Schedule

Therapy Room Availability

Step 2: Check if the space is suitable

If you find a slot that you are interested in, please double-check the information given elsewhere on this site about the chosen space to see if it is what you are looking for in terms of size and price.

Step 3: Make a formal booking request

If you would like to make a formal booking request, please email us at sabina@claremont-project.org with the following details of your request:

1. Which space(s)

2. Dates and times

3. More details about yourself/your company and your booking.

Please note that we get so many hall enquiries that if you are not specific about the times and days you are interested in, and which are showing as being free in the calendar, your enquiry is likely to take very much longer to answer!

Step 4: Confirmation from us

If we are able to accept your booking request, we will send an email reply confirming your booking and may require completion of a Direct Debit mandate. We will then also arrange for you to be briefed on health and safety procedures, emergencies, keys, payment, deposit, etc.

We will also request from you a completed Booking Request Form and signed Terms and Conditions Agreement

If you would like to view a space, please give your email the Title, “Request to View”. Please note however that this is not a shortcut to the above process; we will still need to know that the times you are interested in are possible. We’re sorry but general enquiries will not be processed quickly.

Many thanks for your understanding.

New Hall

The New Hall is our largest hall and it’s located on the ground floor, at the end of the entrance hallway. It is a beautiful, spacious hall with sprung floor and a lot of natural light. It is further away from the street, so there no street noise coming through.

Dimensions: 14m x 6.5m
Capacity: 70-110 ppl
Accessibility: This hall is wheelchair accessible.
Features: Tables, chairs, armchairs, piano
Hire fee: £25/hour

Please note, there is no day rate or different rates for weekday/weekends and the hall is usually fully booked during weekday daytimes.

Old Hall

The Old Hall is a nice large space with big windows providing natural light. It has sprung floor suitable for dance classes and other physical exercise. It is also suitable forother bookings such as meetings or art/community workshops. It’s located on the ground floor and has access to the street.

Dimensions: 11m x 7.5m
Capacity: 70-80 people (seated)
Accessibility: A ramp is available for wheelchair access direct from the street. Please enquire when making your booking as to its location and use.
Features: Tables, chairs, piano, notice board
Hire fee: £20/hr.

There is no day rate or different rates for weekdays/weekends.

Upper Hall

The Upper Hall is on the first floor of our building (above the Old Hall). It’s a spacious nice hall with a lot of natural light due to big windows on two sides of the hall. This hall has sprung floor and is perfect for dance classes, yoga classes and most of other physical exercise and many other bookings such as meetings, workshops etc. It also has its own small kitchen area for making teas and coffee.

11m x 8m
Capacity: 80-90
Sorry, this hall is currently not wheelchair accessible. (See our Help Us page for information about our fundraising campaign for building renovations, including the installation of a lift!)
Features: Chairs, tables, mirror wallwith curtains
Hire fee:

There is no day rate or different rates for weekdays/weekends.

Therapy Rooms

Therapy/Meeting Rooms:

Claremont offers several private rooms for hire. The rooms are suitable for one-to-one meetings or for up to three or four people. Room hire is an astonishingly good value, starting at only £5/hour! If you are an art therapist, we also have some availability for the use of an art therapy room (with sink, etc).


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