In partnership with Islington Giving and local NHS services, Claremont offers a Social Prescription programme.  This programme aims to improve the health and psychological well-being of older people in Islington, especially those not already engaged in community-related activities. Participating GP’s can refer patients to Claremont for consultation on a range of potentially appropriate activities which take place at Claremont or with other partners in the programme.

The evidence-based programme is aimed at improving health and well-being, and preventing poor health, through involvement in a wide variety of activities in a community setting. Claremont has over 30 different classes and activities running each week. These range from multi-cultural events, physical activities and arts, counselling and psychotherapy, and much more. It is particularly useful for people who need to improve hip, knee, and back mobility, those recently out of hospital, as well as people who have felt isolated through circumstance or ill-health.

All sessions on the Claremont programme are designed to increase physical and general well-being. This is a free service available for people aged 55 or over and who are living or working in Islington. Often a GP or other health professional will prescribe this service but we can also be contacted directly, without a formal referral. We also welcome referrals from other groups and organisations.

If you would like to know more about the service, the evidence-base for its efficacy, or if you would like to arrange a consultation meeting please contact Lindsey on 020 7689 8091 or email at