We are a small staff team, backed up by an amazing team of group facilitators, tutors, therapists, volunteers, and interns.










Lucien-Paul (020) 7689 8091

Lucien-Paul (Lucien-Paul Stanfield) does many different jobs at Claremont. He does lots of finance stuff (fundraising, budgeting, accounting, book-keeping, payroll and taxes) as well as handling all legal and HR matters. He manages Claremont building issues such as maintenance, renovations and tenancies. He is one of the psychotherapists at Claremont and sees a number of clients on a regular one-to-one basis each week. He also sometimes has initial assessment meetings with those who are interested in becoming clients with the psychotherapy one-to-one services. He is responsible for all staff and performance matters, for the overall quality of services provided, and for the development of Claremont’s vision. He is Chair of both the Flourishing Lives Coalition and the Age Action Alliance – Arts. Finally, he is responsible to the Board of Trustees and attends and reports to regular meetings with the trustees, as well as with the trustees and/or staff of other charities and organizations supporting Claremont, such as the Claremont United Reformed Church, The City Bridge Trust, Cripplegate Foundation and the Charity Commission.


Centre Manager








Jo (020) 7837 3402

Joanne Keane is responsible for the operation of all Claremont’s daytime activities, projects and classes. She oversees programming, operational issues, and the day-to-day running of things, ensuring high standards and great service. She also manages those doing their internship at Claremont.


Clinical Manager (Psychotherapy & Art Therapy)








Rebecca (020) 7837 3402

Rebecca (Rebecca Kirkpatrick) manages the Claremont Psychotherapy and Art Therapy Services.

Rebecca handles referrals, carries out client assessments, recruits and manages the psychotherapists/Counselling Psychologists/art therapists, and supervisors. She is responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations of these services. Rebecca works three days a week; usually a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Social Prescription Manager








Lyndsey (020 7689 8090)

Lyndsey manages our Social Prescription project, funded by Islington Giving and Claremont and she is available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for Social Prescription enquiries.




Administration Manager

Athena (020) 7837 3402

Athena is responsible for hall bookings, office lettings, building issues and book-keeping.



Programme Manager

Amanda (020) 7837 3402

Amanda is responsible for the programming of events, projects and workshops at Claremont. Amanda works particularly with members of Claremont who may need more support to engage in activities and events. She works closely with Jo and Lindsey in this regard and is also involved in outreach to people who are not already involved in community services.


Flourishing Lives Coordinator

David photo








David McDonagh (020) 7689 8090


Flourishing Lives & Communications Assistant









Cordelia Wyche (020) 7689 8090